Florida Streets are Dangerous by Design to Pedestrians

If you walk or ride a bicycle in Florida Beware! you are about to enter the most dangerous pedestrian zone in the USA.  Florida is the most dangerous state to walk or ride a bike. There were 588 pedestrian fatalities out of 2494 traffic fatalities in Florida in 2014. 48 percent of the traffic crashes that resulted in pedestrian fatalities involved alcohol. 19 percent of the pedestrians killed are less than 14 years of age. See the NHTSA Traffic-Safety-Factsheet-PEDESTRIANS

Dangerous by Design 2016 takes a closer look at this alarming epidemic. The fourth edition once again examines the metro areas that are the most dangerous for people walking. Florida tops most dangerous list for fourth consecutive time
Florida has been the most dangerous state for walking since we first began tracking these
numbers in 2009. This year’s analysis is no different: Florida has the highest PDI of any state, and it’s home to eight of the ten most dangerous metro areas in the nation.

Effective Alcohol Policies can save lives. This includes limiting opportunities when people can drink and drive. Out of 2494 traffic fatalities in Florida in 2014– 1308 were confirmed or suspected alcohol related.


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